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The Powder Mill Mobile Bar

We offer full event production services, including everything from ticketing and supplying equipment, to providing and managing security staff, hiring marquees and generators where necessary, and bar and catering services.
Through our extensive partner network we can offer a wide range of additional services including design and printing of personalised invitations, pop-up graphics and posters and decorative plant and flower displays.
We specialise in booking entertainers as well as staging, lighting and PA to enhance your event. This could be everything from a full festival line up to more intimate performances from individual musicians or small ensembles. We can also supply DJs, sound rigs and mobile dance floors
One of our particular specialities are traditional ceilidhs. And at a time of limited audiences and social distancing we have developed our own ‘Zoom Ceilidh’ which allows a live band a caller to interact with you and your guests in the comfort of your own homes.

Whether it’s a small pub, a major tour or a festival venue, Powder Mill Productions can get your show on the road. Our PA hire service includes an experienced engineer to run the desk as well as full setup and take down services.

We can also hire individual band instruments – anything from full drum kit to keyboards, bass and electric guitars complete with amplification – staging and lighting, with or without our own engineers.

If you have your festival, venue or concert infrastructure arranged but just need someone to run it, we can supply engineers and technicians to run it.

Powder Mill Productions runs a world-class 24-track recording studio in the coastal town of Margate, Kent, alongside a green screen multi-camera video system. This allows us to meet all your audio and visual production requirements from a solo artist up to a full band recording with music videos for use on YouTube or your own promotional media We can master to CD or vinyl and handle all artwork production right through to delivery of the finished digital or physical product.
If you cannot come to Margate, we can come to you with our 24 track mobile recording studio, then take tracks back to Margate to mix and master on our classic Trident console.

Powder Mill Productions is the perfect partner for the installation of a fixed sound system or stage lighting system in your venue – anywhere from a conference room to a theatre. You can either hire us as technical consultant on what kind of a system you need and how best to set it up, or you can book us to manage the whole installation for you. We take the guesswork out of sound management and installation, and we’ll source the system which best fits your budget.

PMP is proud to offer the The Powder Mill’ mobile bar in a range of formats for events of all sizes. With up to five pumps and multiple fridges we can run a festival-sized event down to a more intimate socially distanced wedding reception with 15-30 guests.

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